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All NEW Bits About Buffie!

Name:  Buffie

Sign:  Libra
Age:  21

Dream Job:  If I couldn't be a Big Cutie, I think I would like to be a professional junk TV critic and restaurant reviewer.  Or I'd go into ranching.  Kitten ranching.  I'd have a Kitty Ranch.  Yeah... A kitty ranch.

Best advice ever given to me:  Grandma used to say to me "The secret to eternal youth is a good sense of humor and lying about your age, but start early."

Height:  5'8"

Weight:  In 2004 it was 341.8 lbs... up from 337.2 in 2003.  I have a Tanita digital scale, it rocks!  Now I'm an official fo-hundie (I think I stole that word from AnnMarie -thanks-) !

I aspire to be like:  A lot of awesome women I know, but mostly like my Mum.  She can do anything.  No lie.

About my family:  Whimsey is 8 and she's my crabby tabby and I wuv her sooo much!  My little bits is Charo and she is 4.  I also call her the noodle because she's long and slinky and noodly.

Life Story:  When I was a kid, I was your normal string-bean girl.  Then I turned 12 and hormones did their magic, padding my bony ass and building legs around my knobby knees... Time wore on and I just kept gettin bigger (everywhere but my chest, anyway, sheesh!). So eventually, I was a bona fide BBW.  Only problem was, I had no extra boobs to speak of.  It's tough to be Lynda Carter, Candye Kane or Barbie without boobs... Which was a problem because my aspiration in life was to be Wonder Woman, Zaftig, Blues Singer, Sexy Blonde with a kickass wardrobe, dream house, pink Corvette and giant bubble boobs.  Now I have almost all that junk!

Favorite Album:  Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

Worst Nightmare:  Anything involving spiders; or having to watch the Willy Wonka movie with no chocolate for 10 miles in any direction.  Eeek!

Favorite Movie:  Coming to America

Favorite Places to Eat:  Sol Azteca, MiMi's Saigon 39, BB's Lawnside BBQ, Belle Isle Brewery (Honey Pepper Bacon Burgers), Asian Tiger, Rosedale BBQ, Culver's, Pearl's Oyster Bar, El Maguey, Gojo, Buffalo Wild Wings, The Seawitch, Church's Chicken, Waldo Pizza, 54th Street, Lamar's Donuts.

Also Likes:  Cheetos, Broccoli Cheese n Rice, Red Beans n Rice, Coconut Shrimp, Tacos, Fish n Chips, Anything my Mum Makes, Chocolate, Corndogs, Watermelon.

Foods I Dislike:  I don't like mushrooms, cooked carrots, clam chowder, pineapple in my cottage cheese, bagels (what a shitty excuse for a doughnut!), 'exotic' meats (if it's not cow, pig, chicken, fish or turkey, I'm not touching it... not even deer or buffalo and forget about duck or lamb or goose, no way!  That's so gross, it's like eating roadkill or something!  EWWW!!!) and last but not least plain yogurt!! <shudders>  Otherwise, I like almost everything.

Funnest Thing To Do:  Ohmygosh, give me a dive bar, live music, and cold beer; or a pool party BBQ with my favorite friends.  Heck yes!

You'd Never Catch Me:  Doing a damn thing that involves Steven Seagal movies.  Gag!  Punishment!

I Predict:  A trip to the mall in my future.  LOL  That was easy.

Favorite Sets:  ALL of the ones I've done with my friends.  That is SO MUCH fun!!!  I also like the ones with my cars and pics where my kitties sneak into the shot.  ~Giggles~  I also like the "Domestic Goddess" in the zebra outfit, and the one where I make pancakes called "Stacked Like Flapjacks".

Favorite Websites: of course!  There are more, too...

Big Boobs GALORE at the Breast Expansion Archive -

BBWs, SSBBWs, FAs, FFAs and friends at Dimesions -

MORE BBWs, and the like the Fat Forums -

Lots of fun at BBW Clubs -

An abundance of abundant folks at Curvage -

At Chubby Parade their motto is "Think Bigger, Feel Better", now who can argue with that? -

Betcha can't imagine what you'll find at the Expansion Mansion? See for
yourself -

Don't forget to visit my MySpace page -

Thanks for checking out my site!  All my hugs!!!

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