Name: Buffie
Sign: Libra
Age: 21

Best advice ever given to me: Grandma used to say to me "The secret to eternal youth is a good sense of humor and lying about your age, but start early."
Height: 5'8" 

Weight: 341.8 lbs... up from 337.2 last month.  I have a Tanita digital scale, it rocks!  If anybody is interested, 2 years ago I was about 290.  1 years before that, I was 220.  In high school, I weighed around 170-180.

Race: I get asked about my nationality pretty often.  I don't exactly know why.  People always seem to think I'm Latin, Asian or Native American Indian.  None of the above.  I'm an average white girl, ho hum.
Life Story: When I was a kid, I was your normal string-bean girl.  Then I turned 12 and hormones did their magic, padding my bony ass and building legs around my knobby knees... Time wore on and I just kept gettin bigger (everywhere but my chest, anyway, sheesh!). So eventually, I was a bona fide BBW.  Only problem was, I had no extra boobs to speak of.  It's tough to be Lynda Carter, Candye Kane or Barbie without boobs... Which was a problem because my aspiration in life was to be Wonder Woman, Zaftig, Blues Singer, Sexy Blonde with a kickass wardrobe, dream house, pink Corvette and giant bubble boobs.  Now I have almost all that junk!  Except for the Wonder Woman part.  OK and not the Blues Singer part.  Maybe the dream house part, but it ain't bad.  I definately don't have the pink Corvette part dammit, but isn't that what paysites are for?  Meow!
Favorite Album: Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
Favorite Movie: Coming to America
Favorite Food: Mexican, Chinese, French Fries, Belle Isle Brewery Honey Pepper Bacon Burgers, Sushi, Rosedale BBQ, Frozen Custard, Tiramisu, Cheetos, Broccoli Cheese n Rice, Church's Chicken, Red Beans n Rice, Coconut Shrimp, Snickers and Krispy Kreme. 
Foods I Dislike: I don't like are mushrooms, cooked carrots, clam chowder, pineapple in my cottage cheese, bagels (what a shitty excuse for a doughnut!), 'exotic' meats (if it's not cow, pig, chicken, fish or turkey, I'm not touching it... not even deer or buffalo and forget about duck or lamb or goose, no way!  That's so gross, it's like eating roadkill or something!  EWWW!!!) and last but not least plain yogurt!! <shudders>  Otherwise, I like almost everything.
Favorite Beer: Salted, room temperature Guiness.  Don't give me that look unless you've tried it with a good steak, Mmmmm!

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